Mini Victoria Sponges

Sometimes it’s never too late to salvage a cake. If you’ve over baked or a cake has gone a little dry you can pour sugar syrup on to moisten it. Add some vanilla or orange extract to a plain sponge to add extra flavour. Or if it’s sunk in the middle, like my attempt at Mary Berry’s Victoria Sponge, then you can turn them into mini versions of this tea-time classic. My mistake was opening the over door too soon and the perfectly risen sponges fell flat right in front of me.

I used a cookie cutter to cut out 2 discs of the sunken sponge and then trimmed off any lumps and bumps to get 2 smooth layers of cake.

Take one of the discs and with the crust side down, spoon on a teaspoon of jam, add some chopped strawberries before spooning on some whipped cream. Place the second layer on top with the crust facing up. Put some icing sugar in a sieve and lightly dust over the top. Serve with a cup of tea for a delicious salvaged disaster!


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